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Máté Bíró

Máté's musical talent was evident to his flutist mother from an early age. At the age of 12, he started playing the tuba with Gábor Perneczky at the music school in his hometown of Cegléd, where he acquired a solid foundation. He developed his professional skills under the guidance of Róbert Vida at the Szent István Király Music High School in Budapest, and then at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts under Prof. Stefan Heimann, who supervised him on his way to obtaining his diploma.

He has achieved outstanding results in numerous international and national competitions, winning first and second prizes in the tuba category in Brno and Budapest, among others.

During his career he has played in many distinguished orchestras and philharmonic ensembles. As a high school student, he enjoyed the experience of playing with the St. Stephen's Philharmonic Orchestra, and during his university years he gained valuable experience with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, the Frankfurt Opera and the Radio Orchestra, among others. After completing his Master's degree, he was able to play with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under the auspices of the Karajan Academy.

He is currently solo tuba soloist with the Magdeburg Philharmonic Orchestra, where his dedication and professionalism have led to brilliant performances. In addition, he is a regular member of the above-mentioned orchestras, as well as the Leipzig Opera, the Gewandhaus and the Hamburg Radio Orchestra.

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