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Fortunately, we have worked with or been heard in concert with many famous musicians and leading figures in classical music. Read their impressions and thoughts here.


Gábor Tarkövi
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
former solo trumpet;
UDK Berlin

'The Hungarian Brass is a fantastic ensemble with very talented young musicans who play in great harmony. 

It is a pleasure to listen to them and playing with them.'

Klaus Fehr
instrument maker
Klaus Fehr French Horns

'On a beautiful summer evening we were strolling, unsuspecting on the promenade at Lake Balaton in the beautiful Hungarian town of Balatonfüred.

Suddenly we heard brass band music from nearby. We walked towards it and became more and more interested because the music was bubbling wittily and impressively acrobatic. Some time later, royally elegant, matching the glorious sunset.
Arriving we saw an amphitheatre full of people, young and old, relaxed listening and dancing, enjoying the sounds from the show of "Hungarian Brass". We looked for an empty seat and were, like the people around us, thrilled by this versatile, top professional ensemble playing with heart and soul.Everything came along: from film music, opera, waltzes, excerpts from symphonic works.... folk music lovingly played.

The time flew by, and after strong applause from the enthusiastic audience, we were rewarded with impressive encores....
Well... after such a beautiful experience one almost falls into a hole...
Luckily there was delicious ice cream nearby....'

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